Tarragon Pensée is a ministry to all Saints around the world, and  its intention is to court the development of spiritual maturity in all people as it relates to their relationship with Christ.  Its messages are forward and simple, but its words make their way into the minds and hearts of those who yearn for the removal of long, “overdue” voids in their lives.

Under the direct hand of the Lord working in a yielded life, Tarragon Pensée was brought forth.  The thoughts of the initial writing were the result of an encouragement note penned regarding a tragic situation occurring in a family.  After seeing the hope and understanding manifest from these few words on paper, more revelations and directions began to arise.

It is my faith that the Lord will continue to maintain this ministry through the stewardship of those who have and will come to value it as a part of their process of growing closer in fellowship with Him.

May the shared words in these writings be of spiritual support to you.


Karleen Hammerli


It’s good to know the Lord!