Check Your Love

TRUE love is pure—period. It is without any stipulations of if, and, but or otherwise–just PURE.  Love, when put in motion, puts something else ahead of you and relies on the works of the universe to take its natural, unwavering course, and bring justice back to you without any unqualified assistance.

Many times, we believe that because we display or mimic occasional “spurts” of love, those spurts automatically place us into the “love” category.  However, they are only just that–spurts; and if they are examined more closely, we would find that we are not truly operating in love.  We are not truly free from self, but we are indeed selfish.

Further, some of you are going to plead your case and feel justified, especially those in more “mothering” situations and/or environments, since you are always constantly giving up something to someone: to your children, to your mate, to your parents, to your friends, and so on.  Yet, the truth of the matter is that, the mere fact that you feel lead to think or tell anyone about your so called “generous” behavior is in itself indeed selfish also and thus, your love is tapped with impurities.

Selfishness is the root distorter of love and it generally displays itself at the most inopportune times.  Selfishness can come remarkably and strategically hidden in so many dimensions that it is generally quite difficult to recognize by the unsuspecting eye, for it is sisterhood to pride.

There is no need to travel very far to introduce the face of selfishness.  A most common example is if you are standing in line and have been standing there for the past ten minutes or so, and then someone comes and gets in line in front of you.  Generally, the first reaction is to get upset: to think on the unfairness of it to you, to think of the nerve of them to do such a thing to you, and to think of how this is going to slow you down to get to your next destination.  In this “upset” state, you are saying, “Hey, look at what you are doing to me!” The reality is that because of the lack of love operating in your heart, all those things are directed at you and how they affect you, which deep down, you consider, yourself, first priority over anything or anyone else in the world.

Love and selfishness have nothing in common and therefore do not belong in the same arena at any given time or on any given day. To comingle them is to practice hypocritical behavior.

What is it that takes us out of the dimensions of selfishness and into the serenity of love?  Is it perhaps learning to be willing to do something? Is it being willing to do it unconsciously without first, second, or third thought about how we are woven into that decision or equation?  What is being willing?

Willing is to do. Have you ever had something breakable in your hand that inadvertently fell out and without any thought or hesitation, you immediately moved to retrieve it before it hit the ground in order to preserve its original state?  This is exercising pure will.  There was nothing woven in and there was nothing added to it: you just reacted, you just did it, and you wanted to do it.  For a brief moment, you forgot self and considered that object’s current need the most important aspect at that time. For those brief seconds, fulfilling that need was the most important thing to you and you took action to do it, regardless of all the many other things or schedules vying for your time at exactly that same second, things that surely needed your care as well.  You were willing to jeopardize them until a later time, in order that this immediate need at hand could be fulfilled. Nothing else was considered, not even you or your needs.  For those pressing, reactive moments, you, exercised love!



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