Human Satisfaction


Is life really designed for us to satisfy humans, other humans?  Is it not rather a journey designed to satisfy laws and in that, we will have satisfied our fellowman?

For instance, a household servant is not really just doing whatever the master says at whim.  A corporate employee is not doing at random anything his immediate supervisor says, but rather, they are completing daily job descriptions, already in place, that apply to those particular positions as well as that particular household or workplace.  If these works are done timely by each, they will have satisfied the laws of their environment, therefore that satisfaction has satisfied the master.

Let us think on this idea of satisfying the law versus the master. The Law is the Master and the Master is the Law. God is Love and Love is God.  Mercy is grace and grace is mercy.  When two synonyms come along side of each other, “justice” happens.  And justice is what is actually required to see the Laws working on your behalf.

The Law says that if you place a vehicle upright on a road and it travels within a certain speed on that particular road, gravity will hold the vehicle onto the road. If I drive the designated speed limit for that road, I have satisfied the limit and through that satisfaction, I have satisfied the Law. Gravity is the Law. The limit is the speed assigned for an automobile to travel on that particular road in order to assist it in safely maintaining its upright position.

So in essence, we are beings operating in conjunction with what has already been created–Laws; and within those Laws, we make rules that produce things and order.  With the development of the things we make within those Laws, we have the ability to satisfy and to be satisfied.

Laws are actually in perfect sync with each other; they are just.  On many occasions, it doesn’t look like they are nor does it feel like they are, but once tested through experience, they will be found to be such.  And to be brought back into sync with them requires something supernatural because something supernatural brought them to be.  The supernatural created the Laws.

For example, “why is it that with all the human rules in our government and judicial system we still require, it seems to be necessary that we as a people need a Supreme Court?”  Out of sync.  So we bring in other “out of sync” humans to put us in sync, but can that really happen?

Now then, scientifically or otherwise, there really does seem to be such things as Laws; but are humans actually at the controls of them?  Is there not the possibility that human laws are really just guidelines?  Guidelines; guidelines that we use to produce order, sharpen the intellect, or make things flow?  Guidelines seem to be a lot less imposing on us. They take into account all of our human weaknesses and strengths. They give us the necessary time we need to adjust and to discover the depths of our intellects from decades to decades and from generations to generations.

As we assist these guidelines in production, we are honored by the outputs circulating through our intellects with the things they have made, such as pencils, buildings, graphs, instruments, and systems.

As people, this business of satisfying and being satisfied, giving and receiving, seems to be weaved into our very being.  Without one or the other, our inner selves appear to scream out for lack of peace, joy, and comfort.  That place of “rest” for this can possibly be found in understanding and accepting the truth of what we are really after inside by Law.

Could it be the idea that one human being is being useful to another human being and that individual usefulness fulfills us?  Taking the individual talents and gifts we were graced with into account, we yearn to satisfy a need in another who looks, touches, and feels quite similar to ourselves.  And out of that fulfillment of this Law, we receive a sense of “wholeness” of being; an open door to go on and make yet other paths for one of us to reap the benefits again and again.

These paths can be anything from the most uniquely designed clothing attire for a fellowman’s particular taste or occasion, to drafting, manufacturing, and installing electrical chips on a specific board, in a specific order, so that I have the ability to quickly transfer my thoughts to you through a state of the art device.

So then, if I first acknowledge, and then satisfy the Laws in direct contact with me, if I let the truth flow free, it will open up for the guidelines to work their intents to love, honor, and obey my fellowman; be he parent, child, colleague, brother, sister, spouse, cousin, neighbor, co-worker, or just plain old servant.  Then the Master, and “I”, will be satisfied.







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