The Sin Seed


If you plant a pear seed, cultivated and watered, what would you get?  Pears.  If you plant an orange seed, cultivated and watered, what would you get?  Oranges.  With that being said, if you plant a sin seed, what would you get?  Sin.  You would get sin.

It was the seed of Adam that began the multiplying of mankind on Earth and his multiplying seed was just that: a seed of sin. Therefore, from generation to generation, that seed has continued to produce more and more off-springs that possess Adam’s sin seed within them.




In the beginning, the Creator’s Spirit was the initial giver of life unto man and was to be the pure root of mankind’s existence.  In time, as man would fully emancipate His Creator’s Spirit from within, he was to become even greater in the full likeness of Him.

Mankind’s original origin was one of pure thought.  Man was gifted with a will and with that will he could subject himself to alterations.  As Adam did, he cashed in a will “coupon” in exchange for a few bites of forbidden fruit.  By way of his disobedience, Adam corrupted the original thought that was chosen for mankind, thereby resulting in the purity of mankind dissipating and thus manifested the sin seed.

Adam cross-bred the purity of mankind and the byproduct of that cross-breeding was a seed of sin.  When you mix anything with something that is pure, it will immediately become impure.  The new comer in man caused him to go astray and this mixture of obedience and disobedience within us has produced our many acts of contradictory behavior.

It is similar to when a botanist hybrids two seeds.  He produces something that is no longer pure in origin.  The original seeds have been altered.  Therefore, the byproduct of the hybrid no longer represents purity.  Those natural seeds have changed in the reproduction mode and this second generation of the seeds will not reproduce “true” any longer.  The new variety of plants that grow from the cross-pollinated seeds may or may not share the traits desired from the altering of them.

In something that is impure, anything can be expected to arise out of it.  It no longer contains the proven characteristics based on what had previously come from inside.  There will always be an element of surprise presenting itself because impurity is not a true form of anything.  It is the leftovers of purity.  Our actions that are in contrast to the original pure Adam can largely be expected since we represent the reproduction of generations of his impurity; and this can be seen no matter how we attempt to disguise things.

Have you ever noticed that you do not have to teach a child how to get into mischief?  Or why the Word speaks about not sparing the rod when talking about children?  Sin is a natural part of their seed and it can be disguised under all of the various pardons we use to justify this misbehavior coming out of a miniature form of what looks so sweet and so innocent.  We say that the children are just very busy or that they are very curious and so on.  The truth is however, they are displaying acts of the very seed of which they cometh: a sin seed.

The way one looks is not a seed, but yet those are genes forming and duplicating features.  Let us not be confused by that.  Each orange coming off that orange tree will not look the same, but the seed is the same.  That is why we can call it an orange.  Each pure plant seed will not look identical, but its history of character will line up, which is again why we are able to call that particular seed something by name.


 and so it is . . .


The sin seed, from which we began, produces sin and therefore, on our own, we can only produce more sin.  That is why we continue to do things that we do not necessarily want to do. Those sin seed characteristics will come forth from within us regardless, as they have now taken on the core of who we are.

By natural birth, we cannot be a good person.  Nor by origin can a pear be an orange.  A pear in pure form will be of a green shade and an orange will always be of the color orange.  Each of them does not have a seed for anything else outside of the seed by which they grew.  We do not have another seed either.  The seed that continues to produce us came from Adam, and that seed is no longer a seed of purity.  It is a seed of sin, and in sin there is selfishness, evilness, wickedness, and destruction.

We must come to realize that the heritages which we practiced while growing up, and the environments of which we were surrounded during that time, are only just that, a place and a way.  They are not seeds.  That is why if you travel all around the world, you will find that people everywhere have the same situations, and moments, no matter what their living conditions are.  The sin seed is a common factor amongst us, and through the decades, this has always been continuously proven by the devised recordings we have retained of the actions of mankind, which are the results of how he thinks.

Have you ever considered some of the reasons that Christ is so merciful and graceful unto us?  Why He asked the Heavenly Father to forgive those who were persecuting him, for they knew not what they were doing?  I dare say that one reason is His knowledge of the existence of the sin seed within us.  If all those off-springs of Adam are left in a state of sin, chaos will always roam the Earth and deepen as time goes on before the coming of Christ.

This sin seed principle allowed to penetrate in your spirit can be one of the most important guides in your life.  It will save you a lot of precious time, energy, and thought because you will always know that you are capable of doing the works of the sin seed at any time.  It will limit you to a lot less hurt, anger, and energy wasted on emotionalism both from what others may do directly to you and what you may do directly to them.  It will take you out of the Adversary’s game of deceit and condemnation of yourself.  This day can be the day that you finally stop trying to fix something that cannot be fixed by you.  On your own, you cannot change your sin seed roots.

We have been wasting a lot of time in our lives by not understanding the workings of the sin seed.  We have kept ourselves many times at the same points of growth for entire lifetimes because we are trying to alter something that cannot be changed by us alone.  Holiness and purity are not found in sin seeds, sin is. Our thoughts have been way too limited in this area.  We are obligated to each other by universal connection and that duty does not cease at just food and water, but in sharing the truth with each other as well.

The Word tells us that no man is good.  It is time that we really openly start acknowledging this truth.  The time has come for us to stop being a part of carrying others along on these “man-made” emotional facades of boosting each other up as someone of goodness, and then using human zeal to give them momentum.  Our hearts should be turned towards Christ, not mankind who is from the same sin seed as we are.  This pretense hinders us from exploring and choosing the way of the Master for coming into true holiness and true purity.  These things delay us from attaining a full release of His very Spirit within us.

We should end this contest amongst ourselves of who is the most “goodie two shoes”, or who is the best, or who is better than the other and trust the Savior.  He says no man is good.  Man is the product of a sin seed.  None of us coming out of the corrupted seed of Adam are pure.  Let us know this, let us believe Him and that belief will take the pressure off of you, and yes take the pressure off of all of us.  He knows the root of us, the core of us, the seed of us and He loves us regardless.  What else truly matters?

If we are honest with ourselves, we know that we are not pure.  We have motives.  We might do some things here and there and maybe even a whole lot of things that a true kind heart would do; but back us into a corner and that is where our real selves can be found.  That is where the motives will begin to spill out of us like an erupted volcano.  That is when the ways of the sin seed pop their vile little heads up.  It is very easy to be nice to people and things that are letting “self” have its way, but purity manifests itself whether in good or bad climates.

If I take my pear tree and cut off all of its branches, that does not change the core of the tree, it will still produce more branches and more pears based on what is inside of it.  If I switch your daily attire from casual to formal, that does not change what is inside of you.  That same seed is still in there and you can go on and produce another one that is comparable to you.  But if I replace the center of that pear tree – the core, if I alter your insides with something different, there will be change.

Unlike Christ, who came from a pure seed by nature, we must go through something to once again bring on purity in our lives.  We must come to relish ourselves in having an understanding of the knowledge that within the Spirit of Christ, we truly possess something that can overshadow what we really are by sin seed birth.  Christ has made provision that even though we are the result of a seed of sin, we can overcome that sin seed by His Spirit, and that process gives true purity an opportunity to actually flow out of us again.  Beautiful isn’t it!

Let us all desert our ineffective, motive driven, human efforts, and allow the Spirit of Christ to overshadow the works of the sin seed from which we come.  Genuine purity really does have its rewards, in the Heavens and on the Earth, so let us strive towards the mark of that purity.  Let this day be the day in our lives to apprehend and value knowing that although the sin seed appears to reign, Christ is our Savior!







In His Word:  Genesis 3:6; Romans 3:10

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