Who is Christ?


 The Identity Misconception




A change in geography does not necessarily constitute a deviation in relationship or ownership.  Since the fall of Adam, the Adversary has made every effort to keep afloat in our minds that this idea is not so.  He refuses to let Adam’s Garden of Eden disobedience remain in the past and fall by the wayside.  He considers this information of extreme value to deceive us, and so he works diligently using it to keep doubt active amongst us as a means of convincing us.  Through our own personal actions, similar to Adam’s, he wants us to believe that Adam’s disbandment from the Garden of Eden, along with our own consequences of falling short, permanently disconnects mankind from God.

God did not abandon or disown Adam and Eve just because their homestead changed.  They were still His and He claimed them regardless of their disobedience.  Jesus’ appearance on Earth, followed by His work on the cross, proved this truth.  He made us in His image and He gave us His Spirit.  Now, how much additional evidence is really necessary to produce for one to believe that the mind of God, the Creator of mankind, has an eternal connection to us?

God did make adjustments to their privileged lifestyle because of their opting to exercise their will.  Yes, their protection seemed more direct in the garden, for He knew just where to find them.  Yes, the Adversary did lure them to a consequence that placed them outside of the garden, but he also intentionally forgets to tell us that they went to a new space that belonged to God too!  Adam and Eve were just relocated to a place within God’s Earth, something that coincided more with their new level of obedience, but He still loved them and He still visited them.

We were not born “loose”, unattached so to speak, as the Adversary would have us to believe.  We were not born floating into space, left to find our own way, or left to connect to anything that is out there.  We were not created without an identity for our purpose of being.  We were intentionally and purposefully created.  We are permanently connected to the universe and all its elements.

We can think of it like this.  Within the creation of the body temple, there was a special, two-part unit made for it.  One part of this unit was placed into us, a line “hook”, so to speak, that has a specific attachment on the end of it.  That attachment fits uniquely and perfectly to the second part, and that second part stayed with His son. If we allow faith to move us nearer to Him, we will be close enough to attach our hooks onto His end and fulfill the original thoughts toward us.  If in our lifetimes we locate and attach ourselves securely to Him, if we believe in the truth, all voids will dissipate from our lives; they will be processed away.

However, along the way during this processing time, all kinds of counterfeit hooks are placed on our paths, by the Adversary, to consider substituting for the “real” connection.

He cunningly tries to lower our level of faith, as he did in the garden, and he has quietly put us on an unnecessary search for something that already exists.  He is introducing us, one by one, to these multiple self-destructive connection ideas that send us to go independently build our own worlds of sand, so to speak.  If we are sincere with ourselves, we know that if those disconnecting marketing campaigns had not been launched on us by the Adversary, most of us, on our own, would not be doing many of those things that we have accepted because they were proposed to us.

Certainly these false connections for identity are in opposition to the Creator.  What are some of these lures?  Well, you have seen plenty of them and you may have even temporarily hooked on to a few on various occasions.  The very best source for you to know for yourself what they are can be found right in the Holy Bible.

Open your Bible, and go through it and make a good list of the things that God tells us not to do in order to protect us from ourselves and the Adversary.  Now, take your list and walk outside of the door of your dwelling into the world, and begin to compare your list with what is accessible to you right before your eyes and further.  In some form or fashion, you will find everything available to you to experience is in complete opposition of what is on your list from the Word of God.  Traps.

For instance, your list could have on it the command to not put any markings on your body as found in Leviticus.  When you went out the door, and whether you were at a store, your workplace, or at a temple, I am certain that you encountered multiple people with markings and tattoos on their bodies.

Another item on your list could be how we are instructed to lead a quiet and simple life.  It’s very difficult to be quiet and unnoticed if we are a walking billboard for something or someone; even if that something is a designer’s name.  While you were out there, did you happen to catch a glimpse of those who were seeking their own fame and popularity through all sorts of mediums like singing, politics, athletics, dancing, research, education, religion and so on?  It’s difficult to be simple and quiet if your total focus is on drawing attention to yourself at all costs in order to get your “big break”, isn’t it?  There is a constant, aggressive race going on out there, in every social class, to see who can amass the largest fortune, monetary or otherwise and the Church is very much involved in this race.

These types of cover-ups are being offered to give us a sense of being a part of something, yet at the same time, the Adversary continues to create an environment that reminds us way too often of the things in our lives that bring a feeling of aloneness when we are by ourselves. With one exception, the Adversary of course; always there at that timely moment to give us the wrong suggestions of what to do while in that vulnerable state.




A Christian is a person who follows Jesus the Christ, Jesus the Anointed One.  Generally, to follow someone is to do what they do.  When we follow someone, there is a form of faith that we have towards that person that they will lead us to a hidden or open desire.  Through being a follower, as things unfold along the way to our liking, we began to have more and more faith in the outcome of our commitment; and eventually we find ourselves in a relationship based upon our love of the results we are experiencing as a follower.

In a true following of Christ, we evolve to have a sense of kin and by the conglomeration of this kinship, by all of us, we have formed Christianity; and what is Christianity?

Christianity is about one life, the life of Jesus.  It is a faith.  And that faith in Him begins the process of us coming into a personal relationship with Him, which by default, also brings us into a personal relationship with God.  This is a relationship based upon the teachings and miracles of Jesus, rather than the participation in religious practices of do’s and do not’s.  It is grounded in Christ and is a way of life based upon our love for God; and in Jesus, is God’s total honor and complete love.


Who is Christ “not” for?

Christ is not for people who think they are already good.  It is not for people who think that their delivery of an apple pie to a sick one is deserving of high merit, or that they are really gaining position where it truly counts by their annual contributions to charity.  Christianity is not for those who believe that their birth into this world was as a “sin free” infant.  It is not for those who insist on being their own savior out of a falsified power drawn out from this current world.


Who is Christ for?

Christ is for people who know they have failed and who want help.  They have failed at overcoming self and its many costumes.  It is for those who know daily that they are only seconds away from failing again.  It has become clear to them that all the long or short years of their existence, by comparison to the merits that were possible for them to have accumulated, have produced nothing spiritually for their efforts carried out alone, of which they now know is an all or nothing place.  It is for people who want to be saved from the crust of self and who want to finally slam the door on all that this society has repeatedly perpetrated to be capable of delivering, but yet has failed miserably; and they have hard-core proof of those facts.  Following Christ is for me, yeah. . .

Christians do not always understand the details of God’s plan, but Christians follow Jesus because they believe in Him.  Jesus’ “true” followers love and want to obey Him and express that love by following His plans for their life rather than their own.  Jesus does not want our relationship with Him to be interrupted and He will work in our lives to prevent this from happening as long as we continue to yield our wills unto Him.

It is like the general response of a loving mother when her child misbehaves.  She issues a punishment and then she waits for her child to come around, come up to her level of understanding the issue that occurred to bring on the punishment.  The child initially, most of the time, does not fully understand at that moment the details of what she is trying to do, but in the end, he comes to realize what she has taught him and its benefit to his entire life.

Once the child has understood, she then provides action to show him that she has accepted him back into his former position in her life, many times through a hug.  She wants to assure him that the interruption between the two of them, for that time of his misconduct was necessary (to have a chance of eliminating them altogether in the future), but it was only temporary and was always subject to restoration.

As he grows older or matures, he learns more and more how to minimize those interruptions by following her lead through his faith in her and this deepens their relationship; for they are becoming more and more on one accord, becoming more and more as one, as on the basic issues of truth necessary in a new life to survive adolescence.

She is drawing her child deeper and deeper into this relationship, as far as to the degree of her knowledge of what love and purity are, bringing the two of them to a place where they can eventually spiritually grow to enjoy becoming one through the sacrifice of Jesus Christ.

When we truly begin to follow Jesus through faith, as a result of activating our belief, we are given the privilege to start our lives over from scratch.  All that was before, isn’t.  We are invited into the Kingdom of God through His Son where things are stable.  We can think of it as being given an empty box with our new Kingdom citizenship and as with a box sitting flatly on its bottom, it doesn’t move by any natural means.  All that was once in it from us, has now been cleared and it sits there wonderfully clean and can remain such through His forgiveness.  Jesus has made way for us to roll that worldly, unstable wheel away, with all its counterfeit “sparkly” glitter on the spokes, right out of our lives permanently.


Who is Christ . . .  

In the true following of the path of Christ, things become clear and unchanging.  A settling of this issue of identity, once and for all, happens.  A path where you know exactly who wants you and what camp your tent belongs in.  Your spirit will have a sense of correctness, even if you are temporarily off His path.  You know that you have a place to come back to that welcomes you with genuine love, scars and all.  Christ is a leader of non-condemnation as you process yourself daily to learn to have an intentional, uninterrupted connection to Him while on Earth and beyond.  This willing connection qualifies you to have the “opened” heavens available to you in all aspects of your life; even against all the workings of the Prince of Darkness’ world, which always works to make everything appear cloudy.

Christ is your connection. He is the other end of your custom designed line “hook”. He is your true and only identity, from the past, present and future. He is the truth and He connects you to the truth. He is the good news! He connects you to righteousness, holiness, purity, all of which are natural characteristics of the spirit inside of you. He is your connection to an eternal life, a life of good that continues on forever. He is the definition of joy, peace, and comfort. He is love!

Your life does not have to end because of the challenges in your life that you deem as troubles or that your body temple cannot withstand or go on for any longer.  He is your connection to every dream, thought, idea you have ever had about how grand it would be to enjoy the beautiful and lovely things you have seen here on Earth, without always a form of sin, at some point, peeping up putting a damper on everything.  Every good thing lies in you claiming your sweet, sweet, sweet connection to Jesus the Christ.  Christ, is your Savior! 








   In His Word:  I Timothy 2:4; I Timothy 4:10; Ezekiel 18:4; Leviticus 19:28; I Thessalonians 4:11-12

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